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I was born in Leicester 10/12/68 

Richmond House School from age 3 to approx 8

April 1974 father died

Woodbank School from age approx 8 to 16

1985-1989 Wygeston Queen Elizabeth II College 
left with 6 O'Levels and 
3 A'Levels BBD English Lit, Politics and Psychology

1989-1992 University of Central England (B'ham Poly)
BA (HONS) 2.1 English Lang and Lit (my only real achievement in life other
than my friends)

1992-1993 worked nights sorting post for a courier service (the wrong 9 to 5)
Aug '93 had my first full scale breakdown and was put on medication

moved to South B'ham 
lived on the dole
Sept '94 went Interrailing with then girlfriend Julie and saw Europe

moved to York and lived with Julie and her parents
split up with Julie
(never move in with parents of partner)

moved into York itself
still on the dole

Feb '95 moved back to Leicester lived with Mum
then moved in with Tom (friend of a friend) @ Newfoundpool in Leicester

June '96 moved again to Glenfield Road (bedsit)

June '96 got job working in a shop for Alchemy Carta Ltd called The Closet
selling alternative jewellry, and clothing inc fetish ware (it was just a goth 

Nov '96 started going out with German girl called Andrea

Aug '97 we moved in together 

Dec '99 came off medication

May '02 made redundant from shop

June '02 worked for 2 weeks in Birstal Garden Center (during World Cup)
during this time had second breakdown, less severe than first but no fun. Back 
on Medication.

July '02 got job at Hays (now Astron) working as a call monkey on Powwow

Aug '02 split with Andrea but still lived with her

May '04 thrown out
June '04 attempted suicide (not first time but first for nearly
10 years).  Friends very supportive particularly Lynn and Andy.

July '04 moved into another bedsit

Sept '04 mother died

Oct '05 went with friends to Vancouver for a week. Awesome.

Oct '06 Started Open University Computing course

Nov '06 moved out of that bloody bedsit which i had gotten used to but hated - tooooooo small - and moved into 
a nice house

Sept '12 started at Mark Group

Oct '15 made redundant from Mark Group

Oct '15 my best friend Andy died