ubernoir parchment banner
Summer sun glowing
                 On Sunday 
                               no hurry snuggle
Tequila rush
Breeze when sunbathing
Water when hung over
                                       Feel your brain rehydrate
Mowing the lawn and seeing the stripes
Watching seedlings emerge and sprout
Banter and talking shit
Good books 
                   Good films
Clean bedding smell
Walking quietly no rush, no phone
                                                        Day by day as spring uncurls
                                                        Summer breaths and lithe young bodies emerge
                                                        Autumn crisp or soggy vapour breath, gloves 
                                                                                        And long coat
                                                        Winter crystal leaves stuck to the pavement 
                                                                Refracted light from sublimating water
Visited in hospital after I attempted suicide
This is what my friends mean to me