ubernoir parchment banner
Free form
The river
The trees
The different shades of green
The sunlight
The scars
The suicides
The bars
The water
The drowning
The flying
The floating
The nicotine
The drinking
The waveform
The collapse
The rhythm
The rhyme
The meaning
The feeling
The suicide
The sunlight
The pills
The scars
The grass
The clouds
The shade
The conversation
The swimming
The shallows
The rocks
The beach
The eyes
The carelessness
The stitches
The drip
The catheter
The waveform
The collapse
The observation
The quantum state
The collision
The fusion
The fission
The decay
The control rods
The water
The half-life
Le petit mort
The joy
The sensuality
The touch
The sensitivity
The existential angst
Life like morning dew          in the Sahara
The cactus
The lizard
The dunes
The ripples
The scorpions
The extremes
The edge