ubernoir parchment banner
wanton woman
wanting love
romantic heart
lust fascade

cheating lover
cheating your heart
seeking dissolution
                   to dissolve in dissolute lust and 
				                                          find an epiphany of purity
          of moment 
                         of being
                                       of truth and redemption
                                                                    of "souls touching"
to float on the sea of sensuality and 
                                           know the undulations of calm
                                                                             post orgasmic flush 
																                                      transcribed to water
																					                                            to the water of everyday
pennies ulcer anxiety
ritual compulsion circle cycle feedback
fuel fire fear
beating heart
pumping pumping
ritual soothe
cycles of circles of rituals
metamorphosing tendrils
rivulets of butterfly, 
                      with carnivore teeth that gnaw and rip,
tickle the soul with razor wings

romance entrance dance we two
yearning for a lover to see our darkness through

operating systems
how we work 
how we perceive
how we view a world of entropy and vice
                                       technology and spice
                                                           chilli and innocence
                                                                               thyme and iterations
open source or closed source
a question for a geek
a philosophy of life 
open mind 
         open code
                  open emotion
                              open life
                                       open tears
                                                 open laughter
                                                              display the code's bugs for the world 
															                                        to see and understand
		           "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."

even the deepest problems are solvable by someone
                                                 if shared 
                                                          if open
                                                                 true of code and true of birth, death,
																                dreams, morgages, debts and lovers
spread your arms