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Bang -- Material Matters

With a bang I began
When time began,
And space and energy and matter,
Structure emerged
Alchemist stars
Birthing weighty matter,
And through the dance of deep time,
To the rhythm of implacable laws, 
Complexity reached consciousness:
Cognito, ergo sum.
But before,
My influence was spread across light-years;
Across the Universe,
Inside stars,
In supernovas I was a mover and a shaker:
Cosmic Man.

I began with a bang,
My mother and my father
Starting a DNA dance
And my matter finally mattered:
But I am not the man I used to be 
I've changed,
Everything I am today
Is inherently unstable
In transit.
The dancing elements that comprise what I am;
In transit until burning obliteration
If time has duration,
Or in transit cold, cold, cold unwinding
Seperation and disintegration
A perhaps almost infinitely quieter succession of echoes.
The eternally increasingly boring universe hypothesis;
James Dean
Or universal Alzeiher's.
It doesn't matter
There will be no matter as generally understood either way.
que sera sera
There is matter now, I matter
You are matter, you matter
Enjoy it, breath it, matter in a moral way.

an old poem I found which I thought I'd lost dating back to 1997