ubernoir parchment banner
The flow of time moves inexorably on
And decrepitude eats me by inches
The small bite sized infirmities nibble at mind and body
To end how
In heart attack cataclysm
Or slow twilight 'til goodnight
The rotting migration of flesh and mind
From this being I label "me":
Diffusing outward
My actions, my chemicals
Dissipating undulations across the rest of time
Everything that is me
         is just a
	momentary congregation
a meeting point of influences
                  and actions
A focus - a spark
       in the long dark of eternity
Rippling away
Rippling away

My life is less than the flicker of a bonfire
Consuming us all
It consumes us all
And I watch the smoke drift into the night's sky
And think the fireworks are nice