ubernoir parchment banner
Be a man
Show no weakness
Never betray that a 
      meaningless petty act
           of thoughtlessness 
Emotional strength
Pain gone like water off a ducks back
Fuck sensitivity
Nice guys come last
Be an arrogant prick
And get all the girls
Be an emotional rock
Solid dependable foundation
Or be water
Take the blow
Move with it and flow back
Unhurt, flexible, adaptable
Water breaks rock
But what can you build on water

I'm just storm damaged
I am neither rock nor water
Just an inept sailor clinging
               to a driftwood raft
Tide and breeze have me
          at their mercy
Elated by a smile
Distraught by not having her attention
Drifting away out of sight of land
Do I try and fight the elements
By tacking and tacking
Or surrender to forces beyond me
And hope for a new island
Night has fallen and I try
                 to use my best
Sailing blind
Am I near or far?
Sailing blind
I cling to my raft
Then roll on my back
And stare at the stars
No Polaris to guide me
I search for the Southern Cross
Somewhere above me
Galactic Centre
Sagitarius A*

I listen to the waves
I listen to my heart
Rhythms and light and dark
I think moss is growing on my raft, at least that is what it feels like.
Maybe it's time to change tack.