ubernoir parchment banner
The pain of my mind
The warmth of light white dazzle
The sound of a wind-chime
               sonorous clang of bamboo
Cotton clouds above
The chemical calm of anti-psychotic drugs
Voices in the distance
Tulips, cups open invitation to procreation
Drink the life

The warmth of white light dazzle sun glow
The gentle blur of radiance
Star burning fierce
The fire felt slicing through the atmosphere
At temperate latitudes in spring

In Spring
In life bouncing back
The circle, the spiral, the spin
Earth around the sun
Life and the seasons
Movement and evolution
The spiral of a spring
The cycles
Even birds have regional accents in their song

The whirlpool, the hurricane
Weather-patterned Earth seen from space

Sitting on a bench
Here today I am alive
A being so rare
So small

Galaxies common as sand
Cheaper than metephor
Time deep, deep, deep
Deeper than oceans or Shakespeare
Despair or dandelion roots
Quantifiable but eiganartig


My drugs are scales armouring me
But amour
The warmth of white light dazzle
Spiral and spin
Politics and progress
I told a friend
"Why worry about things beyond your control?"
And I have minimal control over the beating of my heart
I love the sun safely in spring at a distance of 96 million miles
I have travelled too far north by north-west
Let the obsession rest
Let the summer grow in the northern hemisphere
As the Earth paradoxically moves away from the sun
Sit outside and accumulate a gentle tan
Rub thyme between your fingers
The perenials have reappeared
The cherry and apple are in flower
The banana sits in the dark protected against feared late frosts
Freudian amusement wrinkles my face

I have a friend like Tigger whose secrets I have been gifted
I have sandals and socks on
I have the washing-up to do
The afternoon is courteously looking to evening to follow him
The Earth spins and light/night's terminator approaches
Duty calls